Not Just Football



Other Crimson matchups against Yale.

This week, Harvard students anxiously await “The Game,” and the excuse to use Harvard and Yale’s football teams as justification to pretend that they go to a normal college for one weekend. For the edification of those who have yet to leave Lamont for the first time this semester and didn’t even know Harvard had any varsity sports other than football, the Independent has put together a recap of Harvard-Yale matchups this fall. Disclaimer: we only counted head-to-head matchups, so sailing regattas, the Head of the Charles, and the like were not counted.

Women’s Sports
• Field Hockey won 4-1 on 9/20
• Rugby won 54-0 (ha) on 9/20
• Soccer tied 0-0 on 10/4
• Volleyball won 3-2 on 10/4 and won 3-0 on 11/1

Women’s Volleyball, who currently shares the Ivy League Championship title with Yale, will face off against Yale again this Friday to determine which team will represent the Ivy League in the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship Tournament.

Men’s Sports
• Golf won 6.5-5.5 (10 points to whomever can explain that scoring system to me) on 10/18. In fairness, Yale won their invitational on 10/4-5…but we came in second and that’s not a head-to-head. Take what you can get, Bulldogs.
• Hockey lost 2-1 on 11/15
• Soccer won 1-0 on 10/4

In total, Harvard varsity athletics are 6-2-1 (W-L-T) in head-to-head matchups against that school in New Haven this fall. If the records of Harvard and Yale’s other sports teams are a good indicator of Harvard Football’s chances this weekend (hint: they are not), then things are looking pretty good for the Crimson. In reality, we’ll have to hope that the 9-0 Crimson will simply have a better game plan and better execution than the 8-1 (with a loss to Dartmouth, whom we beat…just saying) Bulldogs. But it is still nice to know that we beat Yale in most other sports, too.

Chris Riley ’17 (criley01@college) is proud to go a winning school.