Eliot House


Name after a former president of Harvard University, Eliot is one of the seven original houses from 1931. Before Harvard opted to use the lottery system it does today to assign upperclassmen to houses, Eliot was known as a “prep” house for the university’s social elite. Though the housing process is now done, or at least supposed to be, through a random lottery, Eliot remains the only house to have an endowment, allowing it to hold the yearly spring formal, the Eliot Fête. Eliot’s mascot is the highly unusual mastodon.

House pride: Eliot residents have great pride for their House, as evidenced by the enormous turnout of Domus-chanting students in the Yard on Housing Day. House pride in Eliot is probably one of the strongest among all the houses. HoCo members plan numerous community events such as the House Charity auction (where attendees can bid to have an intimate dinner with the House Masters).

Location: Eliot is situated in what is arguably the best of both worlds: although it is only a six-minute walk from the yard, it has breathtaking views of the river. Eliot’s exterior has the quintessential Harvard appeal.

Dining Hall: Eliot’s Harvard-esque dining hall s a prime location for studying and socializing. Unlike Adams’ dining hall, Eliot’s is quite a bit of a walk from the yard and mainly consists of Eliot students. To foster greater community, Eliot holds community conversations every Thursday for dinner, allowing only those who are a part of Eliot to participate. In terms of food, Eliot offers a standard experience.

Housing: The sophomore housing for Eliot, as in most River houses, is not the ideal; however, by senior year, students are guaranteed n+1 housing. A prime hotspot on Friday and Saturday nights, Eliot boasts party suites that include Ground Zero, the Octagon, and the infamous Cockpit. Having a historical tradition of housing the wealthy and social elite of Harvard, the classiness can be seen everywhere, from its dining hall to the abundant pianos. Eliot is also the only House with a toast. There’s something for everyone: The Inferno (the grille), a woodshop area, and even a movie theatre.
Famous alums and facts:

A descendant of Prophet Muhammad, The Unabomber, Leonard Bernstein, and Benazir Bhutto are some of the famous alumni of Eliot. Eliot’s famous bell tower has been featured in Legally Blonde, The Social Network, and Love Story.

Eliot House
Eliot House