Currier House


Currier House
Currier House

You know the story of pitying the underdog? Well that story does not apply here. Students have consistently agreed that Currier stands out for its surprisingly delicious dining hall food, excess of singles, and house pride.

The Short but Rich History:Currier, opened in 1970, is among the three houses of the Radcliffe Quad, and it is the only house at Harvard to be named after a woman: Audrey Bruce Currier. The official Currier colors are green, red, and black, and its official mascot is a tree. Thereby, the well-known motto “Timete Arobrem,” which, as fancy as it sounds, translates into “Fear the Tree.”

The Dining Hall: Currier’s Dining Hall, though slightly mirroring a retirement home, offers indisputably the best food among all the houses, for it is the only house to not have to share its kitchen with any other house. Being the smallest house in terms of number of students allows the Currier dining hall staff to be able to allocate the same resources in a more efficient way.

Amenities: Currier has a wonderful layout: you don’t have to go outside to get anywhere in the House, including the dining hall. Its central entrances are known for fostering community and the layout of the floor includes singles off a hallway, which means you’ll definitely be getting to know your neighbors. Currier has two gyms, a dance studio, a piano room, a movie theater, and a common area where students come together to watch television, play pool, air hockey, and foosball.

Rooming: Most of the Currier towers include a layout in which there are two side-by-side singles connected by either a “sink room” (literally a room with a sink) or a bathroom. This allows you to live in singles while being right next to the people from your blocking group. I know many people complain that they want the experience of a common room, but as you can see, a Currier single is bigger than most common rooms by the river. If you’re the type to host parties, the Currier Ten-Man is a great option for senior year housing (it is where the Heaven of Currier’s annual Heaven and Hell Party is held). The Ten-Man has an elevator that opens right into the room as well as an in-suite bar; as its name suggests, there are 10 singles surrounding a massive common room.

Currier is definitely Harvard’s most underrated house, offering an amazing mixture of house spirit, great housing layouts, and unbeatable dining hall food and staff.