Cabot House


Cabot Cafe
Cabot Cafe

Cabot is more than just a library housed in the Science Center. No, in fact, it is also a house beloved by all of its residents. And it’s not hard to see why.

For one, Cabot boasts the Cabot Café, a student-run organization that serves espresso drinks and tea late into the night during the week. Many a student, not just the residents of Cabot, has trekked to the café to get some work done while sipping on a nutella-flavored latte and listening to the café’s infamous soundtrack.

Housing-wise, Cabot consists of six buildings that were all originally only Radcliffe College dorms. The rooming situations in Cabot are very desirable; about 70% of beds are in suites (occupants have their own rooms), and 30% in singles. Perhaps the one downside are the floor bathrooms, but they are spacious and spotlessly clean.

Cabot residents’ propinquity to chant “Go Fish!” reflects their pride in being a part of the Cabot community. Sure, having a fish as a mascot could be construed as lame, but those in Cabot couldn’t be prouder to be fish. The House motto is Semper Cor — always heart — which is also reflective of their house pride.

One Cabot resident in particular has just been named the Dean of the College; Rakesh Khurana, and his wife Stephanie, are the housemasters of Cabot. Although the title of Dean of College sounds intimidating, the two are anything but. They are very approachable and down to earth, and eat in the dining hall regularly.

Perhaps the biggest downside to Cabot, though, is the dining hall. Most of the dining halls in other houses are known for having mahogany paneling and being adorned with paintings, tapestries, and marble busts, but Cabot’s is not quite as grandiosely decorated. Its walls are painted white and its floor carpeted. One might compare it to a nursing home dining hall. That said, one wall is entirely glass, so on the bright side (literally), there is a lot of natural light!

Notable alumni of Cabot House include Rivers Cuomo and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto.