Welcome to the 2008 Sex Issue!


Dear readers,

Contrary to popular belief, Harvard is one scandalous place. The geeky girl across from you in the dining hall slips on a pink mesh thong every morning, and that steady thump you heard upstairs last night wasn’t just your entryway tutor tossing volume after volume of In Search of Lost Time on the floor.

Oh wait — we’re thinking of BU (except for the Proust part).

On campus, Sex and the Ivy fights True Love Revolution for the spotlight. Some of us are sexual lions, flaunting skin shamelessly around the Yard as soon as the sun comes out. Others are more conservative, shying away from Greek pottery. Average — a word rarely attached to our accomplished selves — seems the most appropriate term to describe Harvard’s sex life. Looks like the gentleman’s C isn’t dead after all.

It is thus with great pleasure and painful acknowledgement of our campus’s run-of-the-mill sex scene that we welcome you to the Harvard Independent’s 2008 Sex Survey. While the reality is neither grim nor spectacular, there’s no harm in highlighting any statistics that paint Harvard in its sexiest light. We hope you enjoy our annual tradition, and live vicariously through it.

Best wishes for lots of sexy time,

Edward Chen ’09 and Sally Rinehart ’09, Presidents
Caroline Corbitt ’09, Editor-in-Chief