Inaugural UC Meeting Liveblog Starts Now


Your humble correspondent (Bill O’Reilly hasn’t trademarked this phrase yet, right?) has, throughout the course of the night, braved all sort of natural disasters, from angry shuttle drivers that wouldn’t let her on the bus to the first harbinger of the Apocalypse to fall over Massachusetts since Terry McAuliffe became a superdelegate: thundersnow. At the moment, the high-brow UC meeting consists of SAC Chair Jon Staff dancing to Digital Underground’s “Humpty Hump” around Harvard Hall 104, but I am told this is a completely serious meeting, so I’m not smiling just yet. Concerns over my identity are also arising as I slowly realize that I am here tonight to praise and poke fun at the guy I was running against merely two months ago. But- hey!- at least Sundquist doesn’t play polo, so I have no fear of him jousting into the room and impaling me anytime soon.

Super serious reporting starts now.