The Amazing Artwork of William Hundley


Hi there. In an article this week in the Indy’s Arts section, I talk a little bit about William Hundley’s SWEET floating fabric artwork.

Here are a few pics with quotes from an exclusive interview with The Indy.


“I typically shoot with friends and we are cracking up most the time. The funny thing is that I never officially learned the photographic process. My college career consisted of painting, drawing, and sculpture classes. I never took a photography class, but I was always taking photos. It is as though my photos were just a way for me to quickly record my ideas so that I could revisit them later in another medium. Somewhere along the way my photographs became the art as opposed to just being a step in the process.”


“I have never really liked pictures of myself, so that might explain part of the identity-less aspect of my photos. I am working with ways to steal other people’s personality and conceal my own. I think we all share unconscious thoughts, but have learned to experience our lives independently. ”


“Art can communicate on so many non-verbal and personal levels. Language can be such a barrier and I feel the more we communicate these non-verbal ideas to one another visually and structurally the more we understand our own existence and where we might be going.”

Check out some more of Hundley’s work at