More News on Shuttle GPS


I’ll admit to some skepticism at the announcement that we’d now be able to track the shuttle in real time, thanks to actual GPS equipment installed on the buses. The Boston Globe puts the start-up cost of the program at $150,000, which, memo to Dean Pilbeam, would buy a lot of PBR. But the Globe also mentions another exciting development, which is that the Harvard Square Business Association will be offering free wireless “outdoors from the Inn at Harvard to the Charles Hotel to the Cambridge Common, according to Denise Jillson, executive director of the business association.”

This is great for Harvard students, as it prevents the GPS from being a complete waste of time (let’s face it, when you’re shivering in front of Boyleston is when you want to know where the shuttle is NOW), but it’s also great for those who can’t just walk over to the Science Center and jump on the Harvard wireless network. While I wouldn’t want to see everyone in the square glued to a laptop screen, it’s nice not to have to buy a $4.00 latte to get internet access.