Red Scare: Novak Djokovic Edition


As you all know, I have a McCarthy-ish habit of picking out pinkos and commies from among a cloud of celebrities. Recently, I found a few strange little lyrics and some quotes that made me suspect of Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro, who, while I still remain a fan, particularly for his hilarious anti-Mexican mustache comments, am wary of. As I find more and more celebrities to suspect of, I’ve decided to make a bit of an ongoing segment on the subject, which I will call “Red Scare”. I acknowledge I could be wrong on any one of these suspicions, but the evidence is always there.

This time, I found reason to suspect of adorable Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic, now the number 3 seed in the world and the only man capable of threatening the reign of terror best-player-in-the-history-of-tennis-ever (and probably not a communist) Roger Federer has installed in the men’s game. While I’m still rooting for Nole to win the US Open, if only because Andy Roddick has been eliminated and I’m a little bored of watching Federer win everything that matters (yes, that excludes the French Open), this video certainly turned on my commie radar:


Why would this cute video of a young tennis star admiring the sometimes drug addict (and always douchebag) Diego Maradona worry me, you ask? Well, the clearest way I can answer also comes from Youtube:


For you non-Spanish speakers out there, this is a clip from Hugo Chavez’s syndicated TV Show, “Aló Presidente!” (“Hello, President!”), where he harangues a captive audience for a few hours before inviting some socialist or another to praise his administration. In this episode, he invited Maradona, who admits that he “believe[s] in Chavez, [he is] a Chavista!” only to later be referred to as “El Che Maradona” and be honored with a montage to Chavez’s favorite song, “You are My Best Friend” by 1960s Brazilian star Roberto Carlos.

Does our little Nole know that, by associating himself with Maradona, he is supporting a regime that has denounced democracy, openly violated human rights, and proudly supported such international mass murderers as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Fidel Castro? We hope not, but we’re rooting for Federer to take the Open, just in case. We hope Djokovic will stick to winning matches and making fun of Maria Sharapova and avoid making undesirable political moves, but I just can’t help still thinking he’s a cutie.

Tune into the next edition of “Red Scare”, where we pick out another celebrity and loosely connect them to communism!