Captured & Shot: Summer 2007


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From Sally Rinehart: Summer 2007

these are some snapshots from mountain jam, a 3-day jamband festival held every summer at the foot of hunter mountain in upstate new york. mountain jam is the collaborative brainchild of warren haynes and wdst radio woodstock, and it was first held three summers ago. this year’s headliners included (for all the closet hippies reading this blog): gov’t mule, phil lesch and friends, michael franti and spearhead, umphree’s mcgee, g. love and special sauce, robert randolph and the family band … plus a whole lot of other great bands. three days of groovy music, tie-dye, shoeless children playing with mud, and strange men offering me candy – definitely an interesting sociological experience. plus some great concerts and cool dredlocks. peace, love, happiness. feel the vibes.


hunter mountain is a ski resort in the winter … hence the ski lifts.

one group of campers brought their collection of giant homemade kaleidoscopes – here’s a look inside one of them. it was very psychedelic.


another bunch of campers set up a “karma wash.” you go inside and a strange group of people cleans your aura with a feather duster. i passed.




part two of sally’s summer photo diary – the historic town of annapolis, maryland! home to the u.s. naval academy and a whole bunch of sailors, annapolis is a hotspot for those who love big fancy boats and large quantities of seafood. it’s also apparently a mecca for those who like to paint their quaint 18th-century homes bright, funny colors. 



the state house – where maryland’s government does its thing.