Petros Live In Front of the Holyoke Center: A Life-Changing Experience



I have several confessions to make (some more obvious than others):

For one, I’m a sucker for anything Greek, from Demosthenes to Despina Vandi, Thucydides to Tzatziki. I’m convinced that part of the reason why the Spanish monarchy is so awesome is that Queen Sofia is Greek- and, therefore, so is HRH Prince Felipe (I have another confession to make on the side: I’ve always wanted to refer to someone in an article as HRH). It’s the reason I’m currently finishing up my second year of Modern Greek here at Harvard.

I also can’t resist catchy Euro pop trash- Duran Duran is my favorite band, and it only goes downhill from there. I will listen to almost anything if you tell me that it comes from across the proverbial pond. And, along with this taste, I also have a heightened ability to learn song lyrics, to make up for my abysmal acting skills.

Of course, when I found out that seemingly introverted I met in Annenberg one day was not only Greek, but an aspiring Greek pop star, I was hooked. Petros managed, within the four minutes of his now well-known music video, to diminish my maturity back to about age 12. I was singing, dancing, and forcing my friends to watch “Afroditi” within hours of having seen it for the first time myself.

So I guess my ultimate confession is that I know all the lyrics to “Afroditi” by heart, and, because I speak the language, I understand them, too. “Love is not a sin,” indeed.

Seeing Petros live, however, was something a bit out of this world. I never really associated Peter Shields that dude that lives in Kirkland with international sex symbol Petros, but this performance kind of forced me to. And I like it. You will, too, I promise. It’s like Justin Timberlake, but slightly more Harvard and in a foreign language.