No Alcohol-Fueled Hotel Trashings Here


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s wrong with music these days: Musicians are just too healthy. This comment isn’t directed at T.I.; I find 24 pieces of fried chicken sufficiently bad for one’s health, so he’s off the hook. But Sister Hazel requested Healthy Choice Roasted Turkey and pure protein peanut butter bars. The double-stuffed Oreos help their street cred, but it’s difficult to recover from Healthy Choice Turkey. Led Zeppelin probably just requested cocaine and cheese whiz.

Also, I give you Yale: Eli Matthew Brimer ’09 is asking everyone in the student body to bring their TI-83 calculators to welcome rapper T.I. From the Yale Daily News:

“How fantastic would it be to have a huge crowd on Old Campus holding up their TI-83s and slowly waving them back and forth instead of lighters?” Brimer said. “I thought it would be funny. We are Yale, what can I say? … When I think T.I., I think Texas Instruments.”