Lots of Planets Have a North!


I just thought I’d pop up from reading period for a moment to say: those of you who have never seen the classic British scifi series Doctor Who need to watch it RIGHT NOW. It’s on alluc.org. Studying is for dweebs. Incidentally, if you’re a sci fi geek at all, you need to check out Entertainment Weekly’s list of the best sci of the past 25 years. It’s devastating to productivity.

(guess how my studying is going? hi there, professor!)

Also, the ninth Doctor? Unbelievably cute. I’d definitely hop into his TARDIS.

  • Couldn’t you do your thesis on sci fi? Sounds pretty Folk and Myth to me.

  • bad wolf babe

    awsome website. a few sentences on one page can be so much better than a jam packed one. why do you think the ninth doctor is cute? ok, he is but i’m indecicive between 9 and 10. which is best? rose, martha or donna. i support rose all the way! got all episodes on box set. have u? did u know, there’s a rumour going round that there’s gonna be a side show like torchwood and the adventures of sarah jane and k-9 but with rose in instead. looking forward to it. yes i am a sci fi freak but i wasn’t before doctor who. my favourite subjects are history, drama and science and my favourite fruit is banana’s(me and the doctor have a lot in common! please reply to my incredibly long comment, i will be checking, i have this website on my favourites! must be going so…ALLONSY! love bad wolf babe.