Happy 400th Birthday, Commonwealth of Virginia!


400 already? How time flies. Anyway, Virginia apparently celebrates its colonial heritage by inviting the Queen of England back for a visit every 50 years.

The Associated Press had a boring old lede:

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II arrived Thursday for the commemoration of Jamestown’s 400th anniversary and praised the cultural changes that have occurred since she last visited America’s first permanent English settlement 50 years ago.

But not USA Today!

RICHMOND — The British just can’t get away from their dreary weather.

Queen Elizabeth II arrived here Thursday, the first day of a six-day visit to the USA, bringing a drizzle of rain but carrying on with the usual ceremonies, including a speech, a walkabout, a meeting with Virginia Tech massacre survivors and a greeting by a group of Virginia Native Americans dressed in buckskins.

Sounds like a jolly good time. Perhaps USA Today could also have worked in an analogy between the Queen’s multifaceted speech and the various colors, levels, and frills of her quite intriging hat.

the royal hat