Blogging… Rewarding Career Path?


Let me make one thing clear right off the bat: I started my blog because I needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings during the 2004 elections, not for the prestige and loyal readership it might bring me. I just needed a personal creative space where I could jot some things down that someone might be able to Google.

Now, if my friends happen to read my blog, great. If they e-mail others about it, fantastic. If people I don’t even know check it out—and according to my hit counter, as many as 62 a day have—so much the better. And if, say, Harper’s, Rolling Stone, or any other publication ever wanted to publish some of my blog entries for money, I guess that’s their prerogative…

Look, if I wanted to be a “professional” print writer, I could easily do it. Last week I posted a very insightful piece on why Saturday Night Live is emerging from the bleak shadows of the past several years and may be on the cusp of experiencing a renaissance. Nearly three of the seven people who commented on the posting said they could envision the piece being published in the New York Times’ Arts & Leisure section. Hey, I didn’t say it, they did. And to be honest, by the looks of the section, they could use some new blood over there. Just saying.

The Onion is genius. And if any would like publish this blog and give the Indy money, that’d be cool.