“Don’t You Touch That Sumbitchin’ Boat!”


In honor of the movie version of Aqua Team Hunger Force, a question: What’s the best Adult Swim cartoon? ATHF is, of course, a popular choice; it makes slightly more sense than the ones assembled from footage of Hanna Barbara characters, namely Sealab 2021 (what a catchy theme song!), Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (with Stephen Colbert!), and the classic that launched the entire AS enterprise, Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

My favorite? Squidbillies. It opens with a Billy Joe Shaver song. It’s about hillbilly squids. And the sheer number of brilliant Atlanta jokes boggles the mind. The Cyclorama? Covered. Blue laws? Covered. Georgia state lottery? You betcha. Early wears hats that advertise both “David Allen Coe Live In Macon” and “Sonny Lied!” (for those unfamiliar with the politics of the state of Georgia, the biggest controversy of Gov. Sonny Perdue’s term was that he promised to hold a referendum on whether to remove the Confederate battleflag from the state flag; he didn’t.) His malapropisms make him a veritable Southern Dogberry.

All in all, the show’s pretty much the polar opposite of Southern Living‘s construction of Southern identity.

Your thoughts?