About the Independent

Founded in 1969, the Indy has become Harvard’s only student-run weekly news publication. A registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are devoted to providing coverage for the Harvard community of issues which might otherwise be left behind, and serving as a sounding board for Harvard students with something to say. The Indy is an alternative source of news, sports, arts, and opinion writing, and provides in-depth reporting and analysis on a wide range of issues and events. Although the Indy is a campus newspaper, it does not limit its coverage to campus events — writers are free to discuss local, national, and international topics. The Indy does not have a political affiliation and does not have an overarching message; its goal is to provide a diverse range of opinions on the issues that matter to the Harvard student body.


Since its founding in 1969, the Harvard Independent has served as a consistent outlet for student-generated ideas. This tradition is still at the heart of the organization today. Whether your interests lie in writing or business or design, the newspaper allows you to identify areas of interest and run with your ideas. We emphasize a writer-driven approach to generating content; we strive for an entrepreneurial business environment; and we foster creativity of layout and design in each issue we publish.

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News and Forum

Investigative campus reporting, in depth national political coverage, and international news analysis, all aimed at unbiased and non-partisan reporting of what matters to our readers, represents the Indy News section’s mission.  We strive to talk to the people who make events both on and off campus, neither limiting the depth of our explanation to sound byte style articles nor the breadth of it merely to campus events.  Our objective is to look for the stories missed or underreported by other papers and provide explanation and facts, but not to opine nor distort.  Indy News publishes all that has fallen through the cracks.


The Independent Arts section is one of the largest sections of the Independent and has a large body of writers from diverse backgrounds. In addition to reviewing arts events on campus, Indy Arts covers a wide range of professional artistic and cultural media, including television, music, film, dance, theater, visual art, food and fashion. Consistent with the Independent’s open philosophy, writers are encouraged to write freely on the topics of their choice. As a result, Indy Arts writers are known for their knowledgeable and impassioned articles on topics from mainstream sitcoms to underground hip-hop.


The Sports section at the Indy is open to the ideas of its writers.  Articles are not prescribed for writers.  We’ve had articles on everything from mainstream sports like football and basketball to squash and even pool.  Unlike the Crimson’s sports section the Indy focuses on national sports, but, again, the writers decide the topics.  We pride ourselves on our sense of humor, but we never let it turn our stories into a joke.  Though humor adds levity, our opinions are what come through most.


The Business Board of the Harvard Independent is focused on generating revenues for the publication, particularly through soliciting advertisements from corporations, local businesses, national organizations, and student groups.  In addition to gaining invaluable sales and marketing experience, joining the business side of the Independent will expose you to various financial transactions and customer interactions, and overall provide you with a comprehensive look at what it takes to run a business. Current and former Independent officers have secured internship and full-time positions at firms such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and McKinsey & Company, among others.

Design and Layout

The Harvard Independent Design section uses Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to arrange articles and graphics on the page and create the visual layout of the paper.  The Independent has minimal formatting restrictions, which allows designers to exercise creative freedom in creating the look of the paper. No experience with InDesign or Photoshop is necessary to join the Design team; both programs are easy to learn, and we will give you all the training you need to get started.

Graphics and Photography

On the Indy Graphics staff, we firmly believe that each picture is worth 1,000 words. The graphics you enjoy each week are inspired by the stories they illustrate, and are drawn/photographed/photoshopped each week by your fellow students.  We welcome anyone who wants to participate, regardless of your artistic experience.  If you are interested in a fun and relaxed way to flex your creative muscle, join Indy Graphics.