What’s Trending on Youtube

A more efficient way to avoid homework. 

Creative Commons photo by Method Shop. Source: Flickr

1. Live While We Are Young – One Direction: Now this one is quite self explanatory.  1D has a new single WITH a music video, and let’s just say Directioners have been waiting a long time for this, and there are a lot of them. Not to mention, when Directioners start watching the video, they don’t watching just once. As a closet 1D fan, I have personally watched this video at least 5 times, which is really nothing when compared to their 28 million views.

2. The SIMPSONS – Homer votes 2012: It’s election season, and how could Homer not vote? Probably the funniest piece of political satire I have seen this season (including the SNL skits), the clip shows how most of America votes. Homer is the everyman, and we see what goes through his head when he votes (*HINT* It’s not about the issues). The clip is quite aptly apolitical, but it’s a much needed reminder of what should really matter come November.

3. Waiting for an iPhone5…for no reason: I felt a little bad about laughing while watching this one. Only a little bad. The clip shows an interviewer chatting up a lady in line to get the new iPhone. The reason she didn’t order it online? Because she believes the Internet is out to get her. So what exactly will she do with her new smart phone – text, and message, and call. Oh, and she also believes that when she does have Internet on her new “Apple5” phone, it will definitely not scam her. Like I said, I felt kind of terrible laughing at this video, but again (I cannot stress this enough), only kind of.

4. iPhone5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Drop Test: Both phones are dropped from the pocket, from 4 feet up, and from head level. This is supposed to be very close to a “real situation.” But the entire three minutes, I was wondering why I was watching phones being dropped. I was also wondering why the millions watching the video were not wondering why they were watching phones being dropped. If you were curious, the iPhone won.

5. Les Misérables – Extended First Look: This one was actually really interesting. Tom Hooper’s interpretation of this iconic musical has been long anticipated. In fact, this just might be the reason I am looking forward to Christmas…just kidding…only slightly. In this video, we find out that all of the songs for this movie were sung live, while filming. During the age of playback even in live shows, this comes as a wonderful surprise. I was also amazed at how talented the cast was. When Anne Hathaway started to sing “I Dreamed a Dream,” I had goosebumps, and now I am even more excited, if that was possible.

Sayantan Deb ’14 (sayantandeb@college) has a LOT of homework he has been avoiding, but hey, LIVE WHILE WE ARE YOUNG.