Prefrosh Passages: Making Connections

What a strangely fast week it has been! I can hardly believe it, but I will be on campus in less than two weeks. This is simply surreal… but I can hardly wait! In the past week, I’ve really gotten pumped about college and everything that it entails, buying the finishing touches for my dorm room and reaching out some more to my roommates.

In addition to connecting with my roomies, I’ve gotten much closer to other future classmates. Thanks to tons of Facebooking and texting, I’ve really made some nice connections. The LGBTQ+ community within the class of 2016 has been especially friendly. I’ve already got some concert-going buddies and close friends from that circle, and it’s exciting to see us become a bit of a family. Google+ hangouts have slowed a little bit, but they’re still a great way to share some late-night laughs with classmates from around the country and the world.

I’m amazed at the amount of closeness I already feel with my classmates, even among those that I haven’t yet met in person. One of my initial fears about choosing Harvard was that everyone would be ultra-competitive and I would have trouble making friends. I’ve found, however, that friendliness goes a long way. I’ve discovered so many people like me over the course of the summer, which is a huge relief. I’m also so grateful for the patient upperclassmen that I’ve connected with through Facebook. They’re so welcoming and encouraging, and they have made the transition experience so much easier by answering prefrosh questions.

With the dawning of a new week came several notices from the Freshmen Dean’s Office. Along with my fellow prefrosh, I received two surveys about drug/alcohol use in the past year. We also received a link to a 27-minute video on Harvard’s alcohol policy and the effects of alcohol, which led to an interesting discussion in the class Facebook group about how to drink and not get in trouble. I’ll probably be playing it safe while I’m under-21 anyways. I should be able to get by, enjoying concerts and such without being under the influence.

This week was also the week of Freshman Seminar applications, and I found myself applying for five right away, with topics ranging from autism to global health policy to human rights. Also, thanks to the work of some upperclassmen, I began to do some serious course planning on, where I found a million and one options for my fall semester schedule. The goal is to get my day started at 11 a.m. every day, and to have Fridays off. We’ll see if I can make my dream a reality come September.

I also received my 151-page FUP (Freshman Urban Program) reading packet. FUP is officially less than two weeks away, and that excites me beyond belief. I cannot wait to start volunteering and doing small group discussions on social justice.

Until next week, guys! Enjoy this week… summer’s almost over!

Brianna Suslovic ’16 has yet to learn that section ruins Fridays, always.