Prefrosh Passages: Ambling Into August

Hello again, y’all! We are officially in the month of August, which means that move-in is less than a month away! I can hardly wait.

I write this as I participate in yet another Google+ video chat. It’s been a really great opportunity to get to know classmates on a personal level, face-to-face, before meeting them in person. We’ve got inside jokes, we share regional slang with each other, and these late-night bonding sessions have collectively shifted our sleep cycles. All these late nights lead to awkward moments galore… wonderful awkward moments.

Work continues also. I like getting hours, but I certainly get some strange customers. I have people who ask me if the bookstore sells stamps, people who ask me if I have small children, and people who ask me if they can return dusty, torn books that look like they were unearthed from the grave. No thanks.

I’m beginning to realize that there are some people that I probably won’t see ever again from high school. If I do see them, it’ll be years from now at a class reunion, when no one looks like they did in their yearbook picture and everyone pretends to be non-miserable. I’m trying hard to spend time with my close high school friends while I can, although work schedules, vacations, camps, and volunteering can make that a bit difficult. I don’t mind leaving behind the tiny lockers, crowded hallways, and immature pranks of high school, but there are a few friendships that I’d like to keep. I’m trying hard to go to coffee, lunch, and movies with these old friends before it’s too late, while also balancing the new friendships I’m making online.

And then there are the placement tests; I guess that as college gets closer, so does the college workload. I’m pretty sure the math and science tests will indicate to admissions that they made a mistake taking me, but I’m feeling a bit more confident about the Spanish one. Ah yes, the paradox of learning a language in high school. ¡No puedo hablar mucho, pero puedo escuchar y escoger respuestas como una máquina! Hashtag it: #uselesslanguagetestingskills. Also, it appears that we’ve been bombarded with surveys from the college asking about drinking and drug use. It’s been such a long and arduous process getting into this school — I haven’t even had time to party hard.

In addition to those exciting aspects of my pre-college summer life, I’ve continued my unhealthy addiction to dorm shopping, allowing it to grow from a passing fancy into a life-consuming problem… just kidding. But really, with the advent of Etsy and other such D.I.Y., crafty sites, I’ve found myself making paper crane chains and buying owl-themed décor for a room that I hardly know anything about. Whatever, it’ll come in handy eventually.

Well, that’s about it this time. So far, it’s just been a relaxed but active summer. Let’s hope the trend continues this coming week. Stay classy, Harvard-ites.

Brianna Suslovic ’16 is probably comforted to know that her editor placed below Math Ma, whatever that is.