NYT Launches Chinese Site; Cambridge Tourism Guide Among First Articles

Well, I mean, it makes sense. Check out the article and see what you’re missing as you wander Cambridge and Boston.

Translated (from the original English version, posted last November):

To some extent, it is energizing just to walk around campus surrounded by (and eavesdropping on) students who are so “wicked smaht,” as Bostonians might say. But there are also endless events to attend, listed on online calendar pages for colleges and universities like HarvardTuftsBoston UniversityBoston CollegeBerklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory. Fliers posted around campus have even more.

Among the pictures: a shot of Science and Cooking, boozing grad students at Grendel’s Den and MIT’s Gehry-designed Stata Center. Cambridge-centric, much? Maybe this gives us some insight into the minds of the anonymous tourist masses. And interesting to see it on a major news outlet’s brand-new foray into a growing non-English media market. Visit the new (beta) site at http://cn.nytimes.com.

  • Evan Saunders

    While the article appears to be originally written in November 2011, it’s great coverage and show’s how much Chinese tourists enjoy seeing American universities and colleges.