Love the Indy? Love Gift Cards? Blog!

School’s been over for a month. You’ve rested, recuperated, and are hopefully relaxed, and whether you’ve started your summer internship already or are happily marinating in a diet of barbecue chips and daytime TV, something is…missing. Is it the river? HUDS? Drew Gilpin Faust? Why, no — it’s expository, analytical, and/or contemplative writing! Isn’t it?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no, but however you’re feeling and whatever you’re doing this summer, the Harvard Independent wants to read about it. For the first time, we’re opening our blog to the general student body. We want to hear your thoughts on pre-term planning, LSATs and MCATs, working that summer job, or just savoring the last lazy days before the onslaught of the academic year. We want to look at your take on the economy, on the election, on the merits of blueberry versus rhubarb pie, and on the existential chasm that was carved deep into our hearts when the Celtics lost Saturday night. We want your photographs and your cartoons. Best of all, we want to give a $25 gift card to the Harvard Square establishment of our best entrant’s choosing.

If you’re interested, all we need is a brief (three-sentence) summary of your post idea and a 500-word writing sample, which can be anything from a chunk of an essay to a page from your diary. There is no commitment; you can write as much or as little, as often or as infrequently as you chose, and our fine print won’t wed you to the Indy in holy matrimony against your knowledge or will. (We actually don’t have fine print.) Just email us at, and we’ll get you started, pending editorial approval.

Guest bloggers should be matriculating, current or recently graduated Harvard students.