A Chile Winter: ¡Salud!

Photo-blogging Chile with Maria Barragan-Santana. Watch for more of Maria’s photos as the summer (or winter, as it may be) goes on! Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I had another chance to explore outside the city of Santiago; however, this trip did not bring me to the sea but rather to the countryside to experience Chile’s wine tradition. Venturing outside the city of Santiago, one notices that the landscape is filled with endless fields and grapevines.

What is particularly unique about Chilean wine is that the original rootstock was imported from Europe over a century ago, before a plague struck the European wine industry. This plague never reached Chile, making Chile’s vineyards the oldest original European rootstock.

We went on a tour of Viña Santa Rita, a vineyard founded in 1880 by don Domingo Fernández Concha. The dried orange leaves of the grapevines, shrouded by a misty fog, created a Romantic atmosphere (with a capital R).

I would like to introduce you to my traveling penguin Giacomo Pinguini. He will be making occasional appearances in this blog, and as you can see, he really enjoyed the tour…