A Chile Winter: Isla Negra

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Compañeros, enterradme en Isla Negra,
frente al mar que conozco, a cada área rugosa
de piedras y de olas que mis ojos perdidos
no volverán a ver.

In his poem, Disposiciones, Pablo Neruda expresses his wish to be buried by the sea at Isla Negra. Neruda’s third house, Isla Negra, was named after the color of the dark rocks which contrast the sandy beach, and the tranquil isolation which Neruda felt during his stays.

Exploring the house one can see the vast collections Neruda had — from ships inside bottles and mastheads, to masks and instruments from around the world and a collection of over a thousand seashells — together, a true testament to how well-traveled Neruda was.

Though no photographs are allowed in the house, I may have accidentally taken a picture with my phone of his bedroom…

As one can see, the bed was purposely placed at an angle facing the window to take in the spectacular view. Neruda wrote:

The pacific ocean came out of the map. There was no place to put it. It was so big, wild and blue, that it couldn’t be contained in any place. This is why they left it in front of my window…