A Chile Winter: Alegre Valparaíso

Photo-blogging Chile with Maria Barragan-Santana. Watch for more of Maria’s photos as the summer (or winter, as it may be) goes on! Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“Eres un arco iris de múltiples colores, Tu Valparaíso puerto principal…” The song “La Joya del Pacifico” describes a city by the ocean that is like a rainbow of many colors. Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful, vibrant city of Valparaíso, ‘Valpo’ for short.

With its rich historical past and its diverse architecture dating back to the 19th century, UNESCO declared the city a World Heritage Site in 2003. I was greeted by the charm of Valparaiso’s narrow cobbled streets, kaleidoscopic houses, vivid murals, and panoramic view of the ocean. It’s no wonder this city is referred to as “La Joya del Pacifico” — The Jewel of the Pacific.