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  • Yearning for Yedikule

    The surviving gardens of Istanbul. At first glance, the Yedikule Gardens appear more to be a sparse collection of private farms trapped amid the dawn of the days of Constantinople and the booming gentrification of modern Istanbul. These bostans, or market gardens, are situated along the edges of encroaching apartment complexes and mall plazas while… [Read More...]

    Yearning for Yedikule
  • The Story We Need to Cope

    Honoring those we have lost by the lives that we live. My passion for sports always stemmed from the amazing stories that could come from a game, a season, or a player. As someone could be transported or moved by a piece of fiction or a song or a piece of art, I could be… [Read More...]

    The Story We Need to Cope
  • Ritchey’s Restaurant Reviews

    Battle of the burgers. While Shake Shack is relatively new to the NY scene, PJ Clarke’s and JG Melon’s have been around for generations. Due to proximity, I frequent JG’s. After leaving America for more than a week, I find myself craving their infamous burger. The small historic restaurant is filled from opening at 11… [Read More...]

    Ritchey’s Restaurant Reviews
  • Under-21 and Done

    New York for the young and fun. Age is usually nothing but a number. The Harvard bubble has reinforced this mantra given that our social scene isn’t dependent upon going off-campus to bars or clubs. However, after living in New York for the past month, I have come to find that my age separates me… [Read More...]

    Under-21 and Done
  • The Decision: Part II

    A letter to LeBron, his haters, and supporters. After the NBA Finals, the focus fell not on the Spurs victory. It fell not on Gregg Popovich’s mastery of pure team basketball where the ball is swung around the court and any player is likely to score. It fell not on the emergence of Kawhi Leonard… [Read More...]

    The Decision: Part II
  • Hanging On: The U.S. World Cup Story

    Why U.S. Soccer took hold of a nation. World Cup fever gripped the country for the last two glorious weeks as the U.S. achieved the seemingly impossible by escaping the group of death. It was a fever that emanated from the Brazilian rainforests and cities with foreign names like Manaus and Recife. It was a… [Read More...]

    Hanging On: The U.S. World Cup Story


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Dancing to the End

Janelle Monáe at Yardfest 2014. Late morning last Sunday, a friend on Facebook commented on my Spotify activity. The comment, with some amusement, questioned why I was listening to Janelle Monáe on repeat if I was … (full post)

On a High Note

An Introduction to La Boheme There are certain works of art that will touch your heart, send a cascade of chills down your spine, and make tears roll down your eyes. For me, La Boheme is one of those works. I have … (full post)

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Photo by Harvard College Events Board

YardFest 2014

An interview with College Events Board Harvard’s annual campus-wide spring event, YardFest, … (full post)


Mayopoulos and Goffard: Dream Team?

Why Gus+Sietse is the best thing to happen to us in years. Any more or less … (full post)

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Shifting Gears

Why I decided to change my concentration. Coming into college — actually, since freshman … (full post)


Wild Child

A musicoethical standoff between Enya and Lana Del Rey. For all of human history, conflict … (full post)

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Meeting Warren Buffett

An account of the Smart Woman Securities annual Warren Buffett trip. Two weeks ago, I had the … (full post)

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A Spring Guide to Iced Coffee

Where to find the most refreshing blend. Ah, Spring…a time when I will not be perpetually … (full post)

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Hanging On: The U.S. World Cup Story

Why U.S. Soccer took hold of a nation. World Cup fever gripped the country for the last two glorious weeks as the U.S. achieved the seemingly impossible by escaping the group of death. It … (full post)


Ritchey’s Restaurant Reviews

Rouge Tomate: Although we still sell large sodas, New Yorkers definitely care about their health. This is one of the reasons why Rouge Tomate is so popular. Rouge Tomate proudly and overtly states … (full post)


Shit Cosmo Should Say (But Doesn’t)

How to have great sex. To most females, Cosmopolitan magazine is a go-to publication for a giggle-inducing, girls-night-in. With a front cover that boasts 125 different ways to please your … (full post)