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Battle of the Hamlets

One Hamlet to rule them all. My boyfriend was in town, and knowing that he is a big fan of Shakespeare's Hamlet, I knew I had to take him to the Hyperion Shakespeare Company’s performance of Hamlet Saturday night. We … (full post)


American Document Solutions

Short Fiction.   (continued from our "Unconstrained" issue on 4/9/15) The fact that I had given up a year of collegiate social drinking for minimum-wage mind numbing was something I tried hard not to think about. My … (full post)

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Unheard Voices

The seemingly silent restructuring of the BSC. Over the last several years, the College has … (full post)


Waging Rallies on Minimum Wage

Harvard Students participate in the 'Fight for 15' Movement April 14th marked the Justice and … (full post)


Divestment 101

Everything you need to know to sound informed about the Divestment movement at … (full post)


A Level Playing Ground

The Indy scopes out a new pre-orientation program for freshmen The Harvard Undergraduate … (full post)


Dissecting Biphobia: Myths & Facts

Why we need to revisit modern conceptions of sexual orientation. I guarantee every single … (full post)

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A Plea to Gerald Chan

Why the real estate mogul should buy us a bar. In the past year, Gerald Chan, a Harvard alum … (full post)

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An Elite Diaspora: A lost generation of Chinese leaders

BY WILLY XIAO "You know Willy, if your mom had stayed in China, she probably could've been quite high up in Central Government." "Pop." Three years of stale air discharge as friends of thirty … (full post)


Lessons from Europe

On June 27th at 6pm, my father dropped my friends Joyce, Sarah, and I off at Pearson International Airport. The three of us were off to Reykjavik, Iceland for the start of a month of backpacking … (full post)


A Taste of Italy: On Milan, Siena, and Studying Abroad

There’s this sentimental idea of traveling during your youth, when you’re still young enough for the world to make a lasting impression on you. As a result, a sense of collective wanderlust often … (full post)